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Towngate – 1900 – onwards (2)

TownGate Pre 1921

Title Towngate
Date Pre1921
Location Guiseley
Photo ID F087
Comment On the left is the New Inn, the shop on the right was incorporated into the public house. St. Oswald’s Church is on the right, this photo was taken before the Lych gate was built to honour the fallen the 1914-1918 War in 1921.
TownGate 1920s

D693 – Towngate, 1920s.

Towngate – 1920s

An outdoor service in Towngate, Canon Howson, Rector of Guiseley is to the right of the cross & has white hair. Virtually everyone is wearing a hat except for the choir and clergy.

TownGate 1921

B281 – Towngate, 1921.

Towngate – 1921

The Lychgate for St. Oswald’s Church was erected as a memorial for local people who perished in the First World War. This image dates from after 1921 when the gate was put in place. Behind the Cross and Stocks is a butchers shop, business of Lumby and Son, selling pork and beef. The next shop on the right appears to be a greengrocer.

Town Gate 1920s

H562 – Towngate, 1920s.

Towngate – 1920s

On the left is Lumby & Son butchers shop, a delivery lorry is parked lower down, St. Oswald’s Church is on the right. Boys on bicycles are near the town cross and stocks, seen here in it’s original position.

Donated by Lynda Keith.

TownGate Undated

E305 – Towngate, Undated.

Towngate – Undated

The row of old cottages on the left were due to be demolished, this was the area where a market was once held. The photo was taken before the Cross Inn on the right was demolished in 1967.

TownGate 1920s

E286 – Towngate, 1920s.

Towngate – 1920s

A group of boys assembled round the stocks and cross at Towngate. They Donated by J D Rawnsley appear to be ready for walk or similar accompanied by 2 adults.

TownGate Undated

D419 – Towngate, Undated.

Towngate – Undated

A view of Towngate /Oxford Road.

Donated by J D Rawnsley.

TownGate 1920s

J245 – Towngate, 1920s.

Towngate – 1920s

Clergy and church officials returning to St. Oswald’s Church after an outdoor service, these services were held on St. Oswald’s Day or other special occasions. On the left is part of the sign for the Woolpacks Inn, the row of old cottages were church property and have since been demolished the site is now a small car park.

Towngate 1923

C019 – Towngate, Undated.

Towngate – 1923

A crowd of people outside Orchard House opposite St. Oswald’s Church, possibly waiting for a church event. Many of the ladies are wearing the then fashionable cloche hats, in front is a pram with two young children in it, also two boys in Scout uniform.

TownGate 1930s

PU010 – Towngate, 1930s.

Towngate – 1930s

A large crowd assembled around the town cross for a service, probably for St. Oswald’s Day, the majority are all wearing hats. In the top left corner is a wool shop.

Donated by Freda Potts.

TownGate 1932

BB083A – Towngate, 1932.

Towngate – 1932

St. Oswald’s Day service in Towngate, conducted in front of the cross and stocks.
The man on the left is Councillor Clifford B Nunns (owner of Cassfield Mills), moving right, a Bishop, Canon Howson and on the right John Willie Procter who is holding the Church Warden’s rod.

TownGate 1930s

N51 – Towngate, 1930s.

Towngate – 1930s

Cottages on Towngate which stood to the right of the Woolpack Inn, they were Church property.
In the early 1930s Canon Howson, then Rector of Guiseley attempted to improve the environment around St. Oswald’s Church, he had the lime trees planted which are seen here.
The site of the cottages is now a car park but the trees still stand (January 2013).

TownGate 1938

A369 – Towngate, 1938.

Towngate – 1938

On the left is a wall sign for baker James Twigg and “Youma malt bread”. In the centre is the cross, restored by Cannon Howson in 1913. The stocks which were used to punish miscreants had long been in use, in 1763 they had to be repaired.

TownGate 1940s

H473 – Towngate, 1940s.

Towngate – 1940s

On the left is the New Inn, the shop premises to the right were incorporated into the New Inn, also seen is St. Oswald’s Church.

Donated by Anne North.

TownGate 1949

F204 – Towngate, 1949.

Towngate – 1949

August 1949: Crowds of people are watching the St. Oswald’s Day procession from St. Oswald’s Church.

TownGate 1950s

I276 – Towngate, 1950s.

Towngate – 1950s

The stocks and cross in their original position. There are poppy wreath tributes on the cross. The image shows the newly built Frank Parkinson Homes in the background, they were opened in 1953.

TownGate 1955

G121 – Towngate, 1955.

Towngate – 1955

These dilapidated houses were owned by St. Oswald’s Church, this was shortly before they were demolished.

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Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 24 February 2022.
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