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Towngate – 1900 – onwards (3)

TownGate 1956

Title Towngate
Date 1956
Location Guiseley
Photo ID F498
Comment Morris Dancers perform in front of the town cross and stocks, the exposed gable end of demolished property can be seen, also Springhead Mill chimney.
TownGate 1960

A357 – Towngate, 1960.

Towngate – 1960

To the left is the junction with Oxford Street, Lands Lane is at the corner with the telephone box. Frank Parkinson Homes are the bungalows behind the cross, between Lands Lane and Town Street. On the right are shops and the New Inn public house displaying a sign for Tetley’s ales with the familiar huntsman logo. A delivery van for “Mothers Pride” bread is parked with a few other vehicles.

Frank Parkinson was from Guiseley, an electrical engineer he developed light bulbs and electrical motors.
He set up F & A Parkinson & Co., with his brother Albert. In 1927 he bought the Crompton Lighting Company to form Crompton Parkinson.

The factory on Netherfield Road has recently been demolished and housing is built on the site.
Parkinson had become a millionaire and his wealth was used for many philanthropic causes, Leeds University benefitted greatly, the University tower being named the Parkinson Tower in his honour.

The Frank Parkinson Yorkshire Trust contributes to 43 flats and bungalows in Guiseley providing sheltered accommodation for the elderly.

In Guiseley there are two sites, the one in this view and another which is between West Villa Road and Kelcliffe Lane.

TownGate 1962

E409 – Towngate, 1962.

Towngate – 1962

An evocative night-time view of Towngate after a snowfall with the tower of St. Oswald’s Church and trees silhouetted against the sky and street lights reflecting on the snow.

TownGate 1966

G112 – Towngate, 1966.

Towngate – 1966

This photo was taken from the tower of St. Oswald’s Church. On the left is the junction with Oxford Road, Lands Lane then Kelcliffe Lane are to the left of the Cross Inn which closed in 1967. The stone terrace was called New Row now it is Victoria Terrace, in the background is the Moorland estate with the “tree” streets- The Elms Beeches etc.
Behind the Cross Inn are the Frank Parkinson Homes, the open area in front is now a Garden of Remembrance and a re-site of the Cross and stocks.

TownGate 1969

E421 – Towngate, 1969.

Towngate – 1969

A view of the cross and stocks prior to the road development and the re-site three years later onto the grassed area behind.

TownGate 1972

D355 – Towngate, 1972.

Towngate – 1972

To facilitate the flow of traffic the cross and stocks are been moved into the newly created Garden of Remembrance (1972) on the grass in front of the Frank Parkinson homes.

TownGate 1976

E393 – Towngate, 1976.

Towngate – 1976

View from the new site of the cross and stocks at the top of Towngate, looking down to the Green. On the left is St. Oswald’s Church, to the right Springhead Mill chimney is being demolished, it was some years since it had been used.

TownGate 1985

V347 – Towngate, 1985.

Towngate – 1985

View of Towngate, on the left is Guiseley Carpets, moving right Forrest’s butchers shop outside is a yellow van for Telegraph & Argus newspapers delivering to the newsagents. Outside the newsagents is an orange coloured Mini. The tower of St. Oswald’s Church is seen towards the right.

Donated by Julie Malloy.

TownGate 1986

I111 – Towngate, 1986.

Towngate – 1986

View from Towngate looking down Oxford Street to Oxford Road, Guiseley Methodist Church is the light coloured building in the centre.
Lands Lane is on the right, the bookmakers is now Karen’s Florist (January 2015).

TownGate 1986

I112 – Towngate, 1986.

Towngate – 1986

Towngate seen from the bottom of Lands Lane.

TownGate Undated

FB350 – Towngate, Undated.

Towngate – Undated

An image of Towngate at Christmas time, the New Inn is on the left, St. Oswald’s Church in the background.
Signed Susan M Ridyard.

Donated by Andrew Clayton.

TownGate 2000

Y42 – Towngate, 2000.

Towngate – 2000

New housing named Town Gate Close on the site of Busfield’s Albion Dyeworks, St. Oswald’s Church is on the left.

TownGate 2004

H308 – Towngate, 2004.

Towngate – 2004

Forrest’s Butchers shop and a view looking down the Green. 

Donated by Anne North.

TownGate 2004

H348 – Towngate, 2004.

Towngate – 2004

In view is Denison’s Funeral Directors, this company has since moved to premises seen on the left and been replaced on the corner by a floral design shop (January 2015).

Donated by Anne North.

TownGate 2004

I052 – Towngate, 2004.

Towngate – 2004

From the left , Forrest’s Butchers, Hairdressers, Towngate Newsagents, the blue door is an entrance to the Conservative Club, then Mick’s Grill, Café & Take Away.

Donated by Anne North.

Previous Comments:

Comments from our facebook page:
Re E393
Karen Shakespeare: Love that view of Guiseley, happy childhood memories. x
Wendy Clapham: Lovely photo what a pity to move the cross to where it is now.
Mark Jackson: The old watch repairers shop down Springfield Road never changed for years…Phil “Homma” Holmes’s old man I seem to recall?
Christine Robinson: Remember that little corner shop always dark.
Howard Riley: How times have changed, still some of it the same.

Re G112
My Comment on G112 should have referred to the New Inn Chimney pots, as follows:-
“The stone terrace, referred to in the text, comprises of: ten frontages of Victoria Terrace; with three frontages of West Parade to the right and to the rear, both still standing and not New Row. New Row stood in front of Victoria Terrace now Frank Parkinson’s bungalows. I was born in one of the houses in Victoria Terrace in 1942 and remember New Row being demolished and the bungalows being built. Town gate Cross & Stocks can be seen in the centre of the picture (behind the 4 pot chimney stack on the New Inn). The Cross & Stocks are now located in the Memorial Gardens in front of Frank Parkinson’s bungalows.
Barbara Egan.
04 January 2013.

Re G121
We used to wait outside these houses under the trees for the old Sammy Legard’s bus to take us down to Otley.
04 January 2014.

facebook comment:
Re E305
Colleen Hogben: Looking at this picture brings back so many memories…now the three cottages to the left between 1930 and 1950s, were by (left to right) 1st. Mr and Mrs Knipes 2nd. Miss Harpers (two sisters (dressmakers)) and 3rd. Mr and Mrs Learmonth and three sons. Across the ginnel was J. O. Taylors ( greengrocers), next door was Mr and Mrs Newboults, the first taller building was Miss Gills joined onto Harry Ogdens (butchers). Across the way was to the left of what was the The Cross Inn was Alf Jacksons (fish and chip shop) later to become Peels, Brian Peel took over from his parents and later when the Cross Inn was demolished moved the business to the wooden faced Co-op on Queensway by Shaw Royd…..and the three trees on the left hand side (the third tree being where the lady is stood by the bus stop) brings back night as children myself and Anne Taylor were knocked down by the Milkman (Mr Warings) …you may laugh…he was on his bike????? yes he ran over Annie’s ankle and my Knee…..well there’s a bit of history.

Re J026
I remember this view as a child in the late 20s early 30s. I used to visit my grandparents who lived in Well Lane and I used to go to the shop on the corner for sweets and later in my teens I would go for a drink in the Red Lion.
26 April 2017.

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