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Wells – (1)

Guiseley Wells c1890s

Title Wells
Date c1890s
Location Guiseley
Photo ID W713
Comment Jennifer Kirby asked AHS if she could use this image for a project she was preparing on Guiseley Wells, however, this image was not from our archives and Jennifer cannot recall from where she obtained it from. So, we have adopted this image and placed it within our archives and hopefully one day we will be able to find where it came from. From the attire the people are wearing and of the structure of the pram in the foreground, we believe the image to have been taken c1890s. Ed.JB.
Guiseley Wells Undated

C147 – Wells, Undated.

Wells – Undated

A man is getting a bucket of water from the ancient wells, situated on Well Lane.
This water source is thought to be the site of the first settlement in Guiseley.

Wells Undated

E228 – Wells, Undated.

Wells – Undated

It is thought this image of the Wells was possibly copied from a book, there are several young people in the scene.

Wells Undated

E890 – Wells, Undated.

Wells – Undated

Extract from “Souvenir of Guiseley & District” which shows a boy sat by the ancient wells.

Donated by Jennifer Mawson.

Wells c1920s

E379 – Wells, c1920s.

Wells – c1920s

The ancient water source for Guiseley.

Wells c1920s

I485 – Wells, c1920s.

Wells – c1920s

The ancient water source for Guiseley.

Wells Undated

P130 – Wells, Undated.

Wells – Undated

Guiseley Wells before restoration.

Wells Undated

X170 – Wells, Undated.

Wells – Undated

In this view the wells appear to be neglected, the water troughs are choked with weeds and debris.

Wells 1968

BB054 – Wells, 1968.

Wells – 1968

This photo was taken before restoration work was carried out by Aireborough Civic Society.

Wells 1969

I486 – Wells, 1969.

Wells – 1969

Wells seen before restoration.

Wells 1977

A441 – Wells, 1977.

Wells – 1977

The name “Guiseley” is thought to derive from a Saxon name Gislic coupled with ley which means glade or clearing in a wood so we have Gislic’s glade or Guiseley.

The first settlement begun by Gislic would have been in the vicinity of the spring which is now called Guiseley Wells.

For a long time it was the water supply for the village until industry began to change the nature of the area. The significance of this water source on Well Lane is now recognised, the area has been cleaned and pure water can be seen flowing into the troughs.

Wells 1984

R377 – Wells, 1984.

Wells – 1984

The old town wells before restoration, the water channels are choked by weeds and silted up with soil debris.

Wells Undated

I339 – Wells, Undated.

Wells – Undated

The wells are being cleaned by Dennis Williams and J Barratt.

Wells Undated

X171 – Wells, Undated.

Wells – Undated

The shadow of the photographer dominates this image.

Wells Undated

E227 – Wells, Undated.

Wells – Undated

A view of the ancient town wells, taken from a newspaper article.

Wells 2001

H214 – Wells, 2001.

Wells – 2001

Guiseley Wells Commemorative Plaque.

Dated 2000 AD, but work continued into 2001, due to inclement weather, it was so wet much work was spoiled and had to be redone. The National Heritage Lottery Fund gave the project an extension as it was supposed to be finished in late September to qualify for the grant.”

Donated by Geoff Brooks.

Previous Comments:

During my childhood in the 30s, my grandparents lived in Wells Lane so my brother and I used to play by the Wells when we visited them, the Wells were in a pretty parlous state then but there was water to play with so we really enjoyed them.
06 April 2018.

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Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 24 February 2022.
Last updated: 29 August 2022 – Photo ID: W713.

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