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Boggart House, (Keepers Cottage) Spring Wood.

Keepers Cottage Undated

Title Boggart House (Keepers Cottage) Spring Wood.
Date Undated
Location Esholt
Photo ID I756
Comment See below …

Boggart House, (Keepers Cottage) and supposedly haunted. A ‘Boggart’ or ‘Boggard’ is a ghost or poltergeist often found outdoors and taking various shapes. A black dog is one of the common manifestations.

A boggart is a supernatural being from English folklore.

The dialectologist Elizabeth Wright described it as ‘a generic name for an apparition (from Wikipedia).

William Cudworth wrote in “Round About Bradford” – Boggart House so named because it was some time untenanted, and the simple rustics in the neighbourhood imagined that they saw lights in the house after the death of a person named Strothers. These were said to be seen during the “ witching time of night, when churchyards yawn ; ” and it was believed that Strothers’ spirit, while visiting his old home, amused itself by playing at marbles with other wandering ghosts ! Hence the name of Boggart House.

Boggart House 2 Keepers Cottage 1906

Y599 – Boggart House, (Keepers Cottage), 1906.

Editor’s Note:

Boggart Housee, marked ‘2’, on the adjacent map of 1906, is a house on the Esholt Estate, and as seen on the photographs on this webpage.

Why, you may ask am I telling you this, well the reason not to confuse you, the reader, as to the fact that the building marked as ‘1’ on the adjacent map, Lodge, was also known locally as ‘Keepers Cottage’

Now that this has been clarified, please enjoy browsing this page knowing which ‘Keepers Cottage’ you are viewing. Jack Brayshaw. 15 December 2023.

To view the Lodge (Keepers Cottage), please – Click Here.

Boggart House (Keepers Cottage) Undated

Y597 – Boggart House, (Keepers Cottage), Undated.

Boggart House (Keepers Cottage) – Undated

A grade II listed building.

Boggart House (Keepers Cottage) Undated

Y598 – Boggart House, (Keepers Cottage), Undated.

Boggart House (Keepers Cottage) – Undated

As above.

Boggart House ( Keepers Cottage) Undated

Y596 – Boggart House, (Keepers Cottage), Undated.

Boggart House (Keepers Cottage) – Undated

As above, with a new extension.

Previous Comments:

Around 1939 this house was accommodation provided by Bradford Corporation for the supervisor of the Esholt sewage works sulphuric acid plant. The plant, long since demolished, was between the separation tanks and the house. The supervisor was my great uncle.
01 September 2021.

I have also just found via the 1939 census record that I had relations that lived in Boggatt House – my great uncle was the supervisor of the sewage/sulphuric acid plant/works.
Their son was my late father’s (d.2020) first cousin.
Does anyone else have connections to this house / family?
Many thanks,
And best wishes,
24 September 2021.

Consolidated by Ellaine Ellwood. 03 May 2021.
Last updated: 15 December 2023 – Photo ID: Y596, Y597, Y598, Y599 & updated text. 18 November 2022 – Image updated. 25 September 2021 – Previous Comments: Kate.

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