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Stansfield, Robert & Family, c1700s – 1904 (1)

Robert Stansfield & Family c1700s - 1904

Title Robert Stansfield
Date c1700s
Location Esholt
Photo ID I245
Comment Robert was the son of Robert Stansfield senior and Anne Busfield and was born in 1728. He purchased the Esholt estate from Sir Walter Calverley-Blackett to whom he had previously lent money for £40,000 in 1755, on the 5th of May in the same year he married Jane Ferrand. Her father Richardson Ferrand was a clergyman and Lord of the Manor of Idle, Jane brought with her a dowry of £4,800 in property and an income of £400 per year. Roberts fortune was further increased when he inherited an estate valued at £2,000 on the death of his brother William, another deceased brother Thomas also left him a considerable amount of money. Unfortunately Robert did not live very long afterwards to enjoy his wealth and died in 1772 aged only 44. As he and Jane had produced no children his sister Anne, his only surviving sibling, would inherit the estate and fortune. She married William Rookes and the estate passed to the Rookes Crompton Stansfield family. There is a memorial plaque to Robert Stansfield in St. Oswald’s Church, Guiseley, which pays this tribute “He was of a friendly, generous and affectionate disposition, esteemed by his acquaintance, beloved by his relations and was truly deserving the character of a worthy gentleman”.
Joshua Crompton c1750s

I189 – Joshua Crompton, c1750s.

Joshua Crompton – c1750s

A relative of the Cromptons of Derby, he married Anna Maria Rookes, heiress to the Esholt estate on February 28th 1786.

The couple had 11 children, many of whom died young.

Joshua died in 1832 and was succeeded by his son William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield.

Sir William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield c1800s

I311 – Sir William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, c1800s.

Sir William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield – c1800s

William was born in 1790, the son of Joshua Crompton and Anna Maria Rookes.
He was educated at Harrow where he became Head Boy and then Cambridge University.
This was followed by a fleeting career as a politician and MP for Huddersfield.
In 1824 he married Emma Markham, the couple had no children.
He was most unhappy about the intrusion of the Leeds to Bradford railway as it crossed the Esholt estate in 1846 and again in 1860 when it the Otley/Ilkley line was proposed, the case was taken to Parliament but the decision was not in William’s favour, the Midland Railway Company proceeded to build the line.
Frustrated by the noise and disturbance he purchased the Frimley Park estate in Surrey and went to live there.
He died at Frimley Park in 1871, a nephew Major General William Henry Crompton-Stansfield inherited the Esholt estate.

Emma Rookes Crompton-Stansfield c1800s

R306 – Emma Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, c1800s.

Emma Rookes Crompton-Stansfield – c1800s

Mrs Emma Rookes Crompton-Stansfield nee Markham, wife of William Rookes Crompton Stansfield.

Emma, nee Markham, Rookes Crompton-Stansfield c 1800s

N97 – Emma, nee Markham Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, c1800s.

Emma, nee Markham, Rookes Crompton-Stansfield – c1800s

Emma, nee Markham was the wife of William Rooks Crompton-Stansfield of Esholt Hall.

Emma Rookes Crompton-Stansfield c1800s

R018 – Emma Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, c1800s.

Emma Rookes Crompton-Stansfield – c1800s

Emma Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, she was the daughter of William Markham of Becca Hall Aberford. 
In 1824 she married Willam Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, they had no children so the Esholt Estate passed to a nephew, Colonel W H Crompton-Stansfield.

William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield c1800s

R019 – William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, c1800s.

William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield – c1800s

William Rookes Crompton Stansfield of Esholt Hall.

Miss Crompton

R020 – Miss Crompton 1860.

Miss Crompton – 1860

Miss Crompton, a member of the Crompton-Stansfield family of Esholt Hall, she lived in York, this photo was taken in Scarborough.

William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield 1860

M190 – William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, 1860.

William Rookes Crompton-Stansfield – 1860

Ann Stansfield had inherited the Esholt estate from her brother Robert, she was married to a barrister named William Rookes.
They had two daughters, the elder, Anna Maria, married Joshua Crompton and they in turn became owners of the estate.
When Anna Maria died (her husband pre-deceased her) in 1819 their eldest son William Rookes Crompton inherited Esholt Hall and estate with a request that Stansfield be added to the surname.
His wife was Emma Markham, they had no children.
He had a short lived political career as an MP for Huddersfield.
William died in 1871, the property passed to a nephew, Colonel W H Crompton-Stansfield.

Elizabeth Mary Crompton (Countess Cathcart) - 1862

R038 – Elizabeth Mary Crompton (Countess Cathcart) 1862.

Elizabeth Mary Crompton (Countess Cathcart) – 1862

Elizabeth Mary Crompton was born in 1831, the daughter of Sir Samuel Crompton and Isabella Cathcart. 
She married Alan Frederick, 3rd Earl Cathcart, they had 11 children most of whom survived to adulthood.
She died on April 13th 1902.

Lt Col. William Crompton-Stansfield 1871

R021 – Lt Col. William Crompton-Stansfield, 1871.

Lt Col. William Crompton-Stansfield – 1871

Written on the front of the photo is “My dearest eldest son Lt. Col. Wm. Crompton Dec. 4th 1871 taken upon his trial for knocking down a snob”.
The photo was taken in Dublin, it is not known who he had fought or the outcome of the trial.
William was the last Lord of the Manor of Yeadon and the last male owner of the Esholt estate which he inherited from William Rookes Crompton in 1871.
He was born c1836 to Joshua Samuel Crompton and Mary Alexander, the eldest of 4 children. Aged 22 he married Frances Elizabeth Dalton in 1858, the couple had 3 daughters: Evelyn Maud, Elizabeth Alexandra and Consuela Albinia.
He pursued a military career achieving the rank of Major General.
His health deteriorated due to a heart complaint and he died of a heart attack in 1888.
His daughters inherited the estate, only Consuela Albinia had married (Rev. Malcolm Mc Call) they had no children.
Bradford Corporation wanted to buy the estate to build a sewerage treatment works and after some years of legal wrangling it was compulsorily purchased in 1904.
The sisters moved to other properties which the family owned.

General William Henry Crompton - Stansfield c1888

I182 – General William Henry Crompton-Stansfield 1888.

General. William Henry Crompton – Stansfield – c1888

General. William Henry Crompton-Stansfield was the last Lord of the Manor of Yeadon and also the last male heir to inherit the Esholt estate before it was sold to Bradford Corporation in 1904.
He was born in 1836 and married Frances Elizabeth Dalton in 1858 when he was aged 22, they had 3 daughters : Evelyn Maud, Elizabeth Alexandra and Consuelo Albinia. During his military career he served with the Black Watch in Crimea and also in the 2nd Battalion of the 11th Devonshire Regiment.
The estate was of great interest to him, he fostered good methods of farming and had excellent rapport with his workforce. In addition local affairs benefitted from his generosity, for example contributing £500 towards the cost of building Yeadon Town Hall.
William Henry died very suddenly on September 6th 1888, it is was probably of heart disease. His funeral was a very elaborate affair attended by local dignitaries, estate workers and extended family. Vast crowds lined the route to pay their respects as the cortege passed with a large military escort, over 1000 mourners were present at the actual service.
His wife Frances Elizabeth only lived for a couple of years after his death, their eldest daughter Evelyn Maud then became Lady of the Manor. She never married nor did her sister Elizabeth Alexandra, the youngest girl Consuela did marry the Rev. Malcom McCall but had no children, when the estate was compulsorily purchased by Bradford Corporation in 1904 they were the last of the Crompton-Stansfields to live in Esholt Hall.

Lt Col William Crompton-Stansfield's Family c1895

M187 – Lt Col. William Crompton-Stansfield’s Family, c1895.

Lt Col. William Crompton-Stansfield’s Family -c1895

After William Rookes Crompton and his wife Emma had died leaving no children the Esholt Estate passed to a nephew, Colonel W H Crompton Stansfield.

In the centre of this group is his wife Frances Elizabeth (nee Dalton) and their 3 daughters.

At the back, on the left is Evelyn Maud with Elizabeth Alexandra on the right, she was an artist and some of her paintings are thought to still hang in Esholt Hall.

Front left is Consuela Albinia, the girl on the right is Mary Alexandrina Stanhope who was a niece of the Stanhope’s (Yeadon) and often stayed with them. To view the Yeadon connection please – Click Here

Reverend Malcom McCall c1900s

M189 – Reverend Matthew McCall, c1900s.

Reverend. Malcolm McCall – c1900s

Rev. McCall was married to Consuela Albinia Crompton Stansfield, daughter of Colonel Wm. Crompton-Stansfield and Frances Elizabeth (nee Dalton).
Consuela was the only one of 3 sisters to marry, Rev McCall came from Barrowby, where her family had property.

Reverend Malco9lm McCall c1920s

R062 – Reverend Malcolm McCall, c1920s.

Reverend. Malcolm McCall – c1920s

Rev. McCall was married to Miss Consuela Albinia Crompton-Stansfield of Esholt Hall. 
The reverse has, upside down:
“London Scottish Engraving Co Ltd” also ” Rev. Malcolm McCall DD (Doctor of Divinity) Canon of Ripon.          To be returned to Miss Crompton Stansfield, 8 Thriplands, Kensington Court”

Reverend Malcolm McCall c1920s

R062A – Reverend Matthew McCall, c1900s.

Reverend. Malcolm McCall – c1900s

As above.

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