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Stansfield, Robert & Family, c1700s – 1904 (2)

Mrs Hope nee Crompton Undated

Title Mrs Hope nee Crompton
Date Undated
Location Esholt
Photo ID R037
Comment Mrs Hope nee Crompton.
Caroline Rachel O'Reily nee Crompton Undated

R032 – Caroline Rachel Crompton, Undated.

Caroline Rachel Crompton – Undated

Caroline Rachel Crompton, married name O’Reilly, she was connected to the Crompton Stansfield family of Esholt Hall.

Baroness De Langen Undated

R029 – Baroness De Langen, Undated.

Baroness De Langen – Undated

Additional Research

Also known as Baroness von Langen. She was born Anna Maria Preston at Moreby Hall, the daughter of Henry Preston and Maria Ann Crompton (the daughter of Joshua Crompton and Anna Maria Rookes of Esholt Hall). In August 1839, in Dresden, she married Friedrich Franz von Langen who had been a Chamberlain to Royalty (possibly Prussian) and an attaché to the Russian Legation. The Baroness died in 1902.

Helen M.

14 May 2023.

Seymour Undated

R022 – Seymour, Undated.

Seymour – Undated

Portrait of a young boy thought to be “Seymour”, a relative of the Crompton-Stansfields of Esholt.
Mary Alexandria Stanhope was supposedly engaged to him at some time but they did not marry.

Seymour Undated

M188 – Seymour, Undated.

Seymour – Undated

Seymour was a relative of the Stanhopes and is seen here when staying at the Hall. He was engaged to or close to Mary Alexandrina Stanhope but they didn’t marry.

Previous Comments:

Helen M.
I’d like to offer this alternative (assuming that the photographs are Seymour).
Percy Charles Stanhope married Helenora Maxwell Crompton in 1858 and they had two children – Mary Alexandrina (b.1861) and Percy Seymour Stanhope (1865 – 1909). i.e. brother and sister.
10 March 2021.

Helen M – according to our archives sources, Seymour was not her brother, but thank you for sharing your alternative.
Kind regards,
Jack Brayshaw.
12 March 2021.

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