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Co-op 1907 – 1970

Co-op 1900
Title Rawdon Co-op 1907 – 1970
Date 1900
Location Rawdon
Photo ID B168
Comment This building stands at the junction of Harrogate Road and New Road Side. It was the co-op stores until the new Central Stores opened in 1908, at the opposite corner of New Road Side (junction with Micklefield Lane). The co-op ladies hairdressing department remained on the upper floor until 1945. The right hand section of the building on Harrogate Road became Rawdon Post Office, the portion facing was the Midland Bank. It is now a dress shop. (February 2013)
Co-op 1900

E081 – Rawdon Co-op, 1900.

Rawdon Co-op – 1900

Some of the shop staff are in the doorway of the shop which is at the corner of New Road Side (left) and Harrogate Road (right).
This shop closed down when the new store opened diagonally opposite in 1907, the premises became a bank and is now partly occupied by a legal services company.

Co-op c1900

B157 – Rawdon Co-op, c1900.

Rawdon Co-op Hairdressing Salon – c1900

Interior of the RICS hairdressing salon which was part of the old co-op building.

The hairdressers remained until 1945, when a Mr Hey changed it to a barbers shop.

The left side of the salon appears to be the treatment area, a perm machine stands by the curtains, the clients hair would be attached to the machine, clamps, rods and spacers, a very strong smelling perm solution would be used and the electricity switched on.

The right area has seating for clients and a counter with hair products for sale.

Co-op 1907

H059 – Rawdon Co-op, 1907.

Rawdon Co-op – 1907

A view of the Central Stores on Leeds Road, Micklefield Lane is on the right.

Co-op 1908

A323 – Rawdon Co-op, 1908.

Rawdon Co-op – 1908

The Rawdon Industrial Co-operative Society began in 1886, initially there were premises in North Street until a triangular plot of land at the junction of New Road Side (A65) and Harrogate Road was purchased and a store built at a cost of £400.

This later became the Midland Bank.

The site of the store in this view is diagonally opposite the previous shop at the junction with New Road Side and Micklefield Lane which is on the right.

Sir Arthur Godwin sold the land to the Society, the architects were Morley and Son of Bradford.

The store opened in 1908, amid great excitement, parapets on the roof are engraved RICS, the shop is named Central Stores.

A parade of decorated carts add to the occasion, witnessed by a crowd of onlookers. Notices in the window proclaim ‘Join the Stores and become your own Shopkeeper.’

The reverse of the image has the message:
Dear Bas. I couldn’t get to ask you how much I didn’t want any of the others to know. I will settle when you come again.’ It is addressed to Mr Jordan, 40 Copthorne Street, D – – – Hill, Bradford.

In the 1970s, the whole block was sold and is now separately owned shops and offices, the building is known as Realtex House.

Co-op 1908

B041 – Rawdon Co-op, 1908.

Rawdon Co-op – 1908

Another view of the opening day celebrations.

Co-op 1908

B154 – Rawdon Co-op, 1908.

Rawdon Co-op – 1908

This department was part of Central Stores, the new Co-op building at the junction of New Road Side and Micklefield Lane.

To the left a message on the windows read, ‘Provisions Best Quality Selected Brands’ the next notice exhorts, ‘Join the stores and become your own shopkeeper.’
This refers to the cooperative principle of members receiving a share profit or dividend.

Under the sign are bottles of cod liver oil, a popular nutritional supplement. A poster above the door advertises CWS (Cooperative Wholesale Society) sauce.

The right window invites, ‘Use CWS Productions’ above a window full of goods.

Co-op 1908

B155 – Rawdon Co-op, 1908.

Rawdon Co-op – 1908

The shop had various departments including, Grocery, butcher’s, drapery and footwear.

I can remember going shopping with my mother in 1955. I was three to four years old then. I would ride in the Silver Cross pram all the way from Billingwood drive, about 2 miles distant to the Co-op where as a treat mother would buy us a bag of ‘broken’ biscuits, Peak Frean custard creams. I remember the large wooden counter where the assistant would take from the shelves what mother wanted. Sugar was weighed and packed in blue paper bags. After the shop, I would walk back home as the pram was filled with the shopping. (Ed. Jack Brayshaw).  

Co-op Undated

H487 – Rawdon Co-op, Undated.

Rawdon Co-op – Undated

A beautiful and very serene photograph, most likely to have been taken in the early morning light
from the direction of the Harrogate Road.
The Leeds Road is to the left and to the right New Road Side to Guiseley with Micklefield Lane straight ahead.
The Rawdon Co-operative Building incorporated a butchers, general stores and drapery and footwear departments and for the eagle-eyed
a close up of the two men sttod outside the butchers department.
Although undated it is believed to have been taken post 1909 as the tram cables and posts are visible.


Co-op 1925

P103 – Rawdon Co-op, 1925.

Rawdon Co-op – 1925

Directors of the Rawdon Industrial Co-operative Society.

Back row from left to right: G P Sharpe, H Taylor, R Hemsworth, D A Smith, H Hustler, S Myers.

Front row from left to right: C Thompson (Asst Sec), W Sedgwick (President), Mrs Bretherick, W Fieldhouse, J E Yeadon (Man Sec).

Co-op c1950s/60s

X141 – Rawdon Co-op, c1950s/60s.

Rawdon Co-op – c1950s/60s

On the left is Rawdon Co-operative Central Stores, the left window has a display of ladies wear, then the grocery department with the butchers on the right of the parade.
The junction with Micklefield Lane is next, Micklefield Park is surrounded by a wall. On the right is the junction with Harrogate Road.


Co-op c1950s/60s

X139 – Rawdon Co-op, c1950s/60s.

Rawdon Co-op – c1950s/60s

Leeds Road looking towards Rawdon crossroads, on the left is Micklefield Lane, the trees are in Micklefield Park.
On New Road Side a double decker bus has just passed the Temperance Hall (Rawdon Empire Cinema).
The bank building, previously the Rawdon Co-op in 1907, is at the corner with Harrogate Road, moving right the low building is occupied by Addy’s outfitters and Rawnsley’s.
On the right side of Leeds Road, is Berry’s tobacconists with the Regent Salon hairdressers at the right edge. Later to become Rawdon Dental Practice.
Unusual items of street furniture are the traffic lights topped with Belisha beacons.

Co-op 1962

G034 – Rawdon Co-op, 1962.

Rawdon Co-op Slaughterhouse – 1962

This was in the area known as “Calcutta”, the fire station is now in this area.
Rawdon Co-op first had a butchery department around 1885.
An Act of 1958 on slaughterhouses made it clear that the slaughterhouse was not up to the required standard, the Co-op Society decided it was not worthwhile to make improvements.
It was last used in January 1962.


Co-op 1976

FBA122 – Rawdon Co-op, 1976.

Rawdon Co-op – 1976

A sketch drawn and donated by Sam Kilburn.

For further views of the Cross Roads – Click Here.

Previous Comments:

Re A323
There are a number of postcards featured in this collection addressed to B. Jordan in Durkhill, Bradford, often starting “Dear Bas…”. I think this person is Basil Jordan, whose father Benjamin Jordan is featured elsewhere on some of your photos as Chair of the Council. Basil was born in 1881, married in 1907, and had two children. He was killed in 1917 in WWI in Flanders, and is buried in a CWGC cemetery.
14 August 2014

Re G034
Calcutta Farm was in Green Lane, Yeadon, you can see the old fire station back right, and the chimneys of Benton Terrace back left, these houses have now gone to make space for the new fire station.
09 July 2013

Re FBA122
One of the single storey buildings on the r.h.s. was the local morgue and behind them was the council yard and stables. Mr. Frank Hattersley my grandfather was I think one of the last men to look after and use the shire horses before he retired.


Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 08 February 2021.
Last updated: 09 November 2022 – All images updated.

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