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Cross Roads

Cross Roads 1860
Title Cross Roads
Date 1860
Location Rawdon
Photo ID E015
Comment An early view of Rawdon Cross Roads, Crow Trees Inn would be on the right here. A finger post points left to Ilkley and Otley, right to Leeds.
Cross Roads 1896

M055 – Cross Roads, 1896.

Cross Roads – 1896

Harrogate Road is in the middle of the view.
An early view of the cross roads where the only vehicle is a cart on Harrogate Road.

Cross Roads 1934

B156 – Cross Roads, 1934.

Cross Roads – 1934

In the foreground is New Road Side, on the left behind the tram is the Temperance Hall, built in 1924, by the brotherhood of Rechabites. The ground floor was used as a meeting hall, the upper was used as a cinema, by 1927 the Rechabites had gone, leaving the whole of the building to be used as a cinema. It was then called the Rawdon Empire, showing films until it closed in 1956. A petrol station was built on the site in the 60s, this has also gone now and a small enclave of houses built called Weavers Fold.
The building on the corner housing Midland Bank was the previous premises of the Rawdon Co-op. Harrogate Road has a solitary car parked on it! Street furniture includes early traffic lights, a telephone kiosk (behind the traffic light on New Road Side), gas lights and a finger post giving directions is at the right edge and had been there since 1908.

Cross Roads 1950

J410 – Cross Roads, 1950.

Cross Roads – 1950

In the foreground is Leeds Road (A65). Note the early design traffic lights. The Midland Bank at the road junction was formerly the Rawdon Co-op store until 1907, when Central Stores was built diagonally opposite. The rooms above were used by Rawdon Council until 1937, when Rawdon was amalgamated with Yeadon and Guiseley to form Aireborough and Micklefield House became the Council Offices.
On the left side of Harrogate Road, the single storey building was once occupied by Addy’s Outfitters, they were the local supplier o school uniforms. Next, on the wall is a sign for Barclays Bank, then the shop with the blind outside was Rigg’s butchers.

Cross Roads 1950

A322 – Cross Roads, 1950.

Cross Roads – 1950

Rawdon Crossroads with one car waiting to go through the traffic lights on Harrogate Road!
To the left is Micklefield Park, next, on New Road Side (A65) the large building is the former Temperance Hall which was converted into the Empire Cinema, a petrol station and then a pair of semi-detached houses.
Between these houses and the block of stone buildings was a path leading to property which belonged to Riggs butchers, including a bake-house where they made their pork pies and savouries.
The bank is at the junction with New Road Side and Harrogate Road.
The low building on the left of Harrogate Road was Addy’s Outfitters, they also had a shop in Guiseley.
Riggs Butchers is the shop with side windows facing the camera, it was later sold to Wilkinsons.
On the right side of Harrogate Road are more shops then houses.
A message on the reverse of this image reads:
” Darling Carol xx Daddy arrived at Grandmas And I gave them your love. Jean, Ann and Brian send theirs to you, will be seeing you Sunday. Be a good girl, love Daddy xxxx”
It is addressed to Miss Carol Ann Richardson
71 17
Gordon Barracks
Bulford Camp
Nr Salisbury

Cross Roads 1986

E542 – Cross Roads, 1986.

Cross Roads – 1986

By 1986, houses have been built on the right, traffic lights are upgraded and vehicles have appeared.

For more views of the Cross Roads, see Rawdon Co-op or – Click Here.

Previous Comments:

Re E542
S Allinson
Who remembers when you could drive up from Guiseley & turn left into Harrogate Road. I remember my dad having to do a handbrake turn in the snow to get his lorry round the sharp corner.
09 October 2019.

Re J410
On the left after Addy’s was also Rawnsley’s Bakers after Barclays was Teale’s Newsagent and sweet shop, think it was Granville Teale and wife and a couple more shops then Lawrence Denbigh’s shoe repairs then entrance to Rigg’s abattoir then Rigg’s Butchers Marion Rigg and all her brothers.
04 August 2017.

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