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Micklefield House (1)

Micklefield House Undated
Title Micklefield House (1)
Date 1600s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID AA81
Comment A line drawing of Micklefield House, Rawdon.

From the 1600’s until the 1930’s Micklefield House was a private residence.
The first building on the site was a farmhouse belonging to the Marshal family, in 1662 David Marshal built a new house on the site and in the grounds of the house a sundial has the initials MAM and the date 1691.

The next known occupant was William Leavens (1747-1818) and after came his nephew William White and he rebuilt the house, a date stone records this as 1847. In 1863 White auctioned off the estate in lots.

William Kutter purchased the house (1863) and Micklefield Park, John Venimore Godwin was in residence at this time, it is probable he was only a tenant.

In 1871 the house was purchased by Thomas Arton and the tenant J.V.Godwin had moved out.

By 1930 the house was owned by John A Rhodes of Springhead Mill Guiseley, he sold the house and parkland to Rawdon Council in 1930 for £4,500.The townships of Yeadon, Guiseley and Rawdon came together in 1937 to form Aireborough and Micklefield House became the Aireborough Council Offices.

In 1974 Aireborough became part of the Leeds Metropolitan area and Micklefield House remained as Leeds Council Offices until its closure in 2018.

Micklefield House Undated

AA81R – Micklefield House, 1600s

The reverse side of image AA81 above, providing further details.

Micklefield House 1858

E028 – Micklefield House, 1858.

Micklefield House – 1858

Members of the Godwin family , the man on the left is Rev. Benjamin Godwin, father of John Venimore Godwin.

Micklefield House 1865

E017 – Micklefield House, Pre 1865.

Micklefield House – Pre 1865

Front view of the house.

Micklefield House 1865

E018 – Micklefield House, 1865.

Micklefield House – 1865

Stables and outbuildings to the rear of the house.

Micklefield House Undated

A325 – Micklefield House, Undated.

Micklefield House – Undated

Front of the house leading down to the formal rose garden.

Micklefield House Undated

E016 – Micklefield House, Undated.

Micklefield House – Undated

Micklefield House was rebuilt and over the years and it has been extended and renovated by various occupants. Prior to 1870, it was the home of John Venimore Godwin and his family, his parents Benjamin and Elizabeth Godwin lived in the house on the right known as “The cottage”.
This house on the right was demolished and is currently the location of Micklefield park carpark (2021)

Micklefield House Undated

T34B – Micklefield House, Undated.

Micklefield House – Undated

Front of the house.

Micklefield House 1932

PU166 – Micklefield House, 1932.

Micklefield House – 1932

Main door to the house on the left with the date stone above 1847.

Donated by Julie Boocock and Ellie Cockcroft.

Micklefield House 1937

G031 – Micklefield House, 1937.

Micklefield House – 1937

The house is decorated and spot-lit to celebrate the Coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth on 12th May 1937.
In April 1937, Micklefield House had become the offices of the new Aireborough Urban District Council (AUDC).

Micklefield House Undated

X143 – Micklefield House, Undated.

Micklefield House – Undated

Front of the house taken from the formal garden area.

Micklefield House 1987

K28 – Micklefield House, 1987.

Micklefield House – 1987

Main entrance to the house, at the time of this photo the house was council offices for Leeds City Council. A registrar was based here and births and deaths could be registered.

Micklefield House 1987

K29 – Micklefield House, 1987.

Micklefield House – 1987

Side view of the house from the children’s playground.

Micklefield House 1987

K30 – Micklefield House, 1987.

Micklefield House – 1987

Side view of Micklefield House a modern extension and a single storey building on the left side, these were added after the house became council offices.

Micklefield House Undated

T309 – Micklefield House, Undated.

Micklefield House – Undated

A splendid view of Micklefield House and gardens.

Micklefield House 1987

Z219 – Micklefield Park, 1987.

Micklefield Park – 1987

Garden in front of Micklefield House, which is located in the park.
Photographer Dennis Court.

Previous Comments:

Re E017
The willow tree in the middle of the lawn was cut down about twelve years ago.
7 August 2013

Re T309
I worked here as a typist in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s. My office was on the first floor with the bow window in the photo. During my time there I worked for Environmental Health and Social Services.
22 October 2012

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