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Ministry of Aircraft Production (MAP) Bungalow

MAP 1955
Title Ministry of Aircraft Production (MAP) Bungalow
Date 1955
Location Westfield, Yeadon.
Photo ID G025
Comment These houses were erected by the Ministry of Aircraft Production (MAP) to provide homes for people who had come to work at the A V Roe factory next to Yeadon Airport in World War 2. A V Roe were producing aircraft, notably the Lancaster bomber. After the war Aireborough Council took over the houses, they had only been built as a temporary measure and became damp and structurally defective. As families were rehoused the properties were demolished, there had also been some of these bungalows at Nunroyd in Guiseley.

This property was located on Woodlea Close, which now forms part of the Woodlea Estate. To see Woodlea Estate, please – Click Here.

MAP c1958

PU051 – MAP Houses, c1958.

MAP Houses Westfield – c1958

The boy in front with a stick is Ian Gillingham, behind him are the MAP bungalows erected to house AVRO workers during WW2.

The top of the RAFA club is just visible above them, the house was once home to a member of the Ives family.

Once the MAP houses were demolished, the Westfield area developed with Westfield Avenue, Drive, Mount & Grove.

Previous Comments:

The Kelly family lived in the right hand side and the Palmer family in the left. When the Palmer’s moved the house was made into one for the Kelly’s who had six children. I lived in in the house to the right the fence is showing.
26 November 2012.

The houses were known locally as “the piggeries”
12 January 2013.

I lived at 8 Westfield Crescent from birth to 5 years. Then moved to No:24 because it wasn’t as damp as No:8. We still had to use buckets to catch the rain inside. The Crescent was a circle of buildings which surrounded a piece of rough ground, which to a small child was like playing in a wilderness. Happy days.
03 April 2014.

I was born at 19 Woodlea Road, right in the bottom corner and still remember it even though we were moved out when I was 6 years old. ‘Piggeries’ maybe, but fond memories.
21 February 2015.

My mother lived at 5 Westfield Crescent and worked at AVRO. This address no longer exists but I would like to know where it was situated.
16 January 2017.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 23 August 2021.
Last Updated: 29 December 2022 – Both images updated. 26 September 2021 – Photo ID: PU051.

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