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St. Oswald’s (C of E) Church, 1150 – Onwards (5)

St. Oswald's Church Undated

Title St. Oswald’s Church
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
Photo ID G138A
Comment Local Clergymen gathered round the cross on Towngate. From left to right are: Diocesan Recorder (wearing wig) slightly behind E Mallinson Chorister, Mr Elliott Churchwarden with staff, C H Ludley Chorister, Rev C S Forsyth Vicar of St. Andrew’s Yeadon, Rev. G Midgeley Guiseley Baptist Minister, Rev. Sims-Reeve Curate of St. Oswald’s, Rev H S C Spurrier, Rev. W Warburton (the previous 2 men had both been Curates at St. Oswald’s), Rev. H Reid Curate of St. Oswald’s.
St. Oswald's Church 1926

B291 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1926.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1926

St. Oswald’s day was a festival revived by Canon Howson during his tenure as Rector of St. Oswald’s Church.
The day was marked by an open air service on Towngate, usually with a prominent guest, on this occasion it was Cosmo Lang Archbishop of York.
He is seen here on the right chatting to the bearded man, the house behind is the old Rectory.

St. Oswald's Church Undated

F155 – St. Oswald’s Church, Undated.

St. Oswald’s Church – Undated

A view of the church tower floodlit at night.

St. Oswald's Church Undated

I482 – St. Oswald’s Church, Undated.

St. Oswald’s Church – Undated

An old picture, in the right background are old cottages on Church Square.

St. Oswald's Church Undated

R190 – St. Oswald’s Church, Undated.

St. Oswald’s Church – Undated

Looking across from a corner of the burial ground of St. Oswald’s Church in winter, old Guiseley Rectory is in the background

St. Oswald's Church 1932

G136A – St. Oswald’s Church, 1932.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1932

Towngate, crowds are gathered round the Cross listening to the clergy and dignitaries.
On the left is Lands Lane, the Cross Inn is in the background.

St. Oswald's Church 1932

G136 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1932.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1932

St. Oswald’s Church Festival – 1932.

Looking from the Conservative Club onto Town Street, many people are watching the procession of clergy and choir.

St. Oswald's Church 1933

AA6 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1933.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1933

St. Oswald’s Cgurch Festival – 1933.

The Festival was revived by Canon Howson, the location is Towngate with the Cross and stocks. Mr C B Nunns is introducing Lord Bingley.

St. Oswald's Church 1946

F062 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1946.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1946

St. Oswald’s Church Clipping -1946.
Members of the congregation are seen walking round the church, they are taking part in the ceremony of “clipping” the church.
Clipping in this context is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning they would circle the church to embrace the building.
During a special children’s service the congregation would leave the church followed by the choir and the Rector, they would begin to circle the church whilst singing or reciting the St. Oswald’s song until they had surrounded the church when hands were joined to form a continuous circle.

St. Oswald's Church 1946

F061 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1946.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1946

Church Clipping – 1946.

St. Oswald's Church 1946

P976 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1946.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1946

April 1946, and a man guiding a bell over the tower parapet before lowering to the ground.

Donated by Brian Haigh.

St. Oswald's Church 1955

E328 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1955.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1955

St. Oswald’s Church Festival – 1955.
The location is Towngate where people have gathered for an outdoor service on St. Oswald’s Day.
This was a notable occasion as it celebrated 700 years since the first Rector had been appointed to St. Oswald’s Church.
More than 300 children had taken part in a special service in the church, they then followed Rev. J Wrangham Hardy and choir in procession to the Guiseley Cross for the outdoor proceedings.
In this view the choir and clergy are returning to the adjacent church.

St. Oswald's Church 1956

Z49 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1956.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1956

St. Oswald’s Church – 1956.
This event took place on a Saturday, the location is Towngate.
A procession of choir and clergymen are making their way towards the town Cross and Stocks.
Judging by the number of prestigious cars parked outside the church there must have been a number of V I P visitors.

St. Oswald's Church 1962

K148 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1962.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1962

St. Oswald’s Church – 1962.
St. Oswald’s Christian Stewardship dinner, at the back of the table from left to right are:
Dorothy Barraclough, John Dalby, Peter Raynor, Francis Degan, Peter Robey, John Horsfall, Mrs E Robinson, Mr K Brown and Mrs Myers. Front from left to right: Susan Hill, Pauline Croft, Billy Rawlinson, Howard Mann, Valerie Gill, Barbara Cutler, Christopher Griffin, Peter Reeve and Peter Beevers.

St. Oswald's Church 1967

Z48 – St. Oswald’s Church, 1967.

St. Oswald’s Church – 1967

St. Oswald’s Church Clipping – 1967.

Outside the church the ceremony called “Clipping the Church” is underway. The congregation joined hands to form a chain around the church to verify their faith, they would also sing/ recite the St. Oswald’s song.
This took place during St. Oswald’s Festival.

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The photos were taken in about 1946, because I am on at about 4 years old.
31 December 2012.

Have amended the date Pam, which little girl are you in the photo?
31 December 2012.

The lower photo (F061). I am the little girl on the very front holding the Sunday School Teachers hand.
02 January 2013.

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