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Memories 1961 – 1979

Bill Wilcox, My Ancestors, 1970 – 2013

I suppose all this started as a young boy in Liverpool and listening to stories from our mother about her uncle Joe from Yorkshire.

Carlo Harrison, My First Dog – 1964

My Dad bought Rex from a market stall in Bradford market and brought him home on the bus.

Philip Walker, Springhead Mill Cloth Team – 1960s

The chap called Jack with the question mark after his name must be one of the toughest and unluckiest men I have ever met.

Val Ryan, A Memory of Heavy Snow – 1960s

In this beautiful photo taken in heavy snow we can see on the far right the bungalow occupied by Mr & Mrs Helmsley…

Vera Firth, The Gaytimers – 1960s

The Gaytimers (which had a very different connotation back then in the late 60s)