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Memories 2001 – Present

Alec Todd, Signwriter, Deceased – 2004

He also lived in Yeadon for most of his life too, although he was born in Brooklyn, New York, where …

Brian Triffitt, John Whittiker’s Farm – 2013

Have just been looking at photos of Guiseley Wells and it got me thinking back to when I was about 11 years old,…

Ian White, Yeadon Town Hall Drawing – 2006

A Signwriter from Guiseley, Ian White had put his artistic talents to use to brighten up the bar at Yeadon Town Hall.

John Slater, The Family Heirloom – 2014

Recently I have been researching the life of my Great Grandfather, Philemon Slater, and it might be of interest if I relate an odd story about a family heirloom.

Lauren Duffy, First Day at School – 2003

I saw my friend from pre-school, she had another girl with her, she was crying and another girl came up and helped my friends and me.

Lauren Duffy, Yeadon Carnival – 2013

The carnival was celebrating its 100th year anniversary. There were clowns, jugglers, dragons, princesses, strong men and more!

Lauren Duffy, Yeadon Carnival – 2015

Happy 4th of July! This year’s theme was Independence Day and it was a great day!

Mabel Harrison, Deceased – 2008

She left at 14 and reluctantly went to work in the local mills, later she worked at Crompton Parkinson’s, Carter and Parkers and Silver Cross.

Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy), 1920 – 2013

There’s a story to tell in every decade of her life – from being bullied at school, seeing death at first hand in the Land Army days, …