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Home » Memories » 2001-2030 » Lauren Duffy, Yeadon Carnival – 2013

Lauren Duffy, Yeadon Carnival – 2013

Lauren Duffy 2013

LD1 – Yeadon Carnival.

Title Yeadon Carnival
Date 2013
Location Yeadon
Written By Lauren Duffy
Comment Today we have a report on Yeadon Carnival July 2013 written for us by Lauren Duffy aged 10. Lauren is a pupil of Rufford Park Primary School and lives in Yeadon.
Lauren Duffy 2013

LD2 – Yeadon Carnival.

Yeadon Carnival was held on Saturday 6th July 2013, and the turn out was amazing.
The carnival was celebrating its 100th year anniversary.
There were clowns, jugglers, dragons, princesses, strong men and more!
There was Rufford Park, Queensway, Peace Dance Academy, Brownies, motorbikes, scooters, dogs pulling carts, Westfield Infants and Juniors, old cars, fire engine, police cars, and last but not least, a marching band.

Lauren Duffy 2013

LD3 – Yeadon Carnival.

The weather was great; sunny and scorching hot!!!!!!
Last year, the carnival was called off, and put on at the Town Hall due to bad weather!
Everywhere I looked there were dogs, hats, sunglasses, ice-cream vans, and smiles.
It was a very exciting day because the women’s final happened at Wimbledon, and Andy Murray got through to the final!
A double celebration!
It had a flame dancing, baton twirling lady, dances and queens!!! There were trampolines, an inflatable slide, spinning teacups and much more.

The parade had a great turn out, it seemed the entire high street was full.
Many people were in the school parades, and Westfield infants, well, nearly all the school was there!
The incident of the lady’s hat that fell off during the parade was hilarious!!
There was even a near miss between two scooters in the parade! There were no faults whatsoever, and nothing went wrong

The carnival was at the Tarn’s biggest field, and it was very, very busy!
There were bouncy castles, a Scout run, slides, a tombola, raffles, trampolines and dancing acts!
The parade was very noisy, sirens rolling, and tooting horns of old cars and the rev of motorbikes!
The brass band played ‘Who do you think you are kidding?’ from Dad’s Army.
It was a great day out for the family, for all ages, and it was a nice community event.
Yeadon carnival is always the same, friendly, happy, busy and full of all ages! It is a great family day out!!!!

A Carnival Queen’s attendant spoke to me and said, “My favourite part of the parade was when I went down the High Street in the car, everyone taking pictures of me. ”
She felt special and proud in her clothes. “I had a very special role, and everyone wanted it. I was very proud when I was chosen and definitely recommend it to others.”
A school friend who went said that he especially enjoyed the revving of the motorbikes and getting his candyfloss!

By Lauren
Age 10
July 2013

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 24 August 2022.
Last updated: 24 August 2022.

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