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Home » Memories » 2001-2030 » Alec Todd, Signwriter, Deceased – 2004

Alec Todd, Signwriter, Deceased – 2004

Alec Todd Deceased 2004

PBT1 – Albert Square.

Title Alec Todd
Date 2013
Location Yeadon
Written By Paul Bennett-Todd
Comment Paul Bennett-Todd is sharing with us today some memories and thoughts about his Grandad Alec Todd.

After being on display for many years, recently (June 2013) the off licence in Albert Square, Yeadon,… took down their old signs.
These signs were hand sign written by my granddad Alec Todd, a sign writer all of his working life, barring World War Two when he was a soldier in the 59th reconnaissance, West Yorkshire Regiment, serving in Germany.
He also lived in Yeadon for most of his life too, although he was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he spent his first few years as a child.
At one time, many of the signs that adorned the shop fronts on Yeadon High Street were written by him and this one in Albert Square, I guess, was maybe written in the mid to late 1990’s when he would have been in his late 70’s.
He loved his job as a sign writer and he loved and appreciated art.

My grandad sadly passed away at the age of 89 in 2004.
These signs have really lasted a good long time and always brought a smile to my face as I passed by and remembered my granddad.

Paul Bennett-Todd (June 2013)
June 2013

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 24 August 2022.
Last updated: 24 August 2022.

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