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The Harrison Family, 1943 – 1944

He was wounded a short while ago but he has now recovered and is back up the line again.

The Quakers of Rawdon, 1600 – 1861

Their refusal to take an oath meant they could not hold public office nor enter Parliament.

Val Ryan, A Memory of Heavy Snow – 1960s

In this beautiful photo taken in heavy snow we can see on the far right the bungalow occupied by Mr & Mrs Helmsley…

Valerie Ryan, Emsley’s Store, Rawdon – 1930s Onward

They often sat in a small room overlooking the shop and answered phone calls from customers and suppliers telephone number Rawdon 51!

Vera Firth, The Gaytimers – 1960s

The Gaytimers (which had a very different connotation back then in the late 60s)

Willy Machell & My Dad – 1950s

After the war when the Avro shut down and everyone was laid off, many Yeadon folk suddenly found themselves out of work.

Yeadon Town Hall, 1800 – 2014

By the 1800s society had begun to change as the Industrial Revolution took families from their cottage industries and gave them work in the mills which were being built throughout the country.