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Aireborough Boys, 1914 – 1918 (06)

WWI 1914-1918

SL038 – Yeadon, 1914 – 1918.

Title Aireborough Boys
Date 1914 – 1918
Location Aireborough/Europe
Written By Carlo Harrison
Comment Taken from a scrap book given to AHS and made up of newspaper cuttings of the time. Detailed information is supplied by Ken Roberts.
Ideson & Law, 1914-1918

1418 – Ideson & Law.

Private Maurice Ideson & Rifleman Kenneth Law

I believe that Maurice Ideson was born in Addingham in 1892 & Married Elizabeth Isherwood of Clitheroe.
He enlisted in the East Lancs Regt. Service number was 37721
I cannot find him in the GWGC Register but assume he was one of many who were never honoured there.

Rank: Private
Service No: 23844
Date of Death: 03/09/1916
Age: 19
Place of birth. Rawdon.
Regiment/Service: West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own)
12th Bn.
Grave Reference Divion Road Cem. No.I. Mem. 1.

Maurice Ideson
Rank: Private
Service number: 3858
Date of death: 03.09.1916 aged 26
Regiment/Service: 51st Battalion, Australian Infantry, Australian Infantry Force.
Cemetery: Villers-Bretonneux Memorial
Additional Information: Enlisted in November 1915 when a steward, living in Perth (Australia) and married to Ethel. Son of Henry and Mary Ideson and previously lived at Westwood Farm, Ilkley.

Additional research by Helen M.

7 December 2022

J W Harrison 1914-1918

1418 – J W Harrison.

Private J W Harrison

Rank: Private
Service No: 5903
Date of Death: 17/09/1916
Age: 23
Regiment/Service: Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)
1st/5th Bn.
Panel Reference Pier and Face 6 A and 6 B.
Additional Information:
Son of Holdsworth Harrison, of Rock House, Football Fields, Yeadon, Leeds.

W H Brook & H Proctor 1914-1918

1418 – W H Brook & H Proctor.

Private W H Brook & Private Harry Proctor

Cannot find Pte. WH Brooke. Assume he lived.

Cannot find Pte. Harry Procter. Assume he lived.

Fred Harrison 1914-1918

1418 – F Harrison.

Private Fred Harrison

Cannot find Pte. Fred Harrison. Missing in action? Could have been killed, POW, found.

Fred Harrison
Rank: Private
Service number: 21478
Date of death: 14.09.1916 aged 23, Missing, presumed dead.
Regiment/Service: 9th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment.
Cemetery: Thiepval Memorial
Additional Information: Born in Yeadon, son of Holdsworth and Hannah Harrison who lived in Gill Lane and Rock House, Football Fields.
Entered the war in November 1915 in the Balkans theatre of war – Gallipoli in this case.

Additional research by Helen M.

7 December 2022

Ken Lee sent me this piece yesterday and I thought it was just the kind of memory that I should share with you.

“Private Herbert Roberts was my grandad!

Like Lance Corporal Donald Slater who is featured on Facebook today (4th November), my grandad served with the Seaforth Highlanders. In fact he always spun the tale that he and “a mate” walked from Yeadon to Scotland so that they could join the Seaforths! Perhaps Donald was that mate, who knows?

To put the record straight, his year of birth was in fact 1896 (8th August to be precise).

Until I referred to the 1911 census I hadn’t realised that he had actually been born in Carlton – I had always assumed that he was “pure Yeadon”. I do know however that he did indeed live in Football, and I know that because he used to regale me with stories about the Music Hall that was there, when he was “nobut a lad”.

He was wounded during his time in the trenches. In fact he was wounded three times in one night. I am not quite sure exactly when he was wounded nor in which particular battle. I do know that he was sent back to the UK to recuperate but I’m not sure whether he had to go back to France once his wounds were healed. I did see the scars though and they were pretty horrific. There was one on either side of his leg (entry and exit wounds) just above his knee. One on his shoulder (entry) and one on his back (where the bullet that entered his shoulder was eventually cut out by the medics) and somewhat bizarrely, one on each buttock! After suffering his second wound he was ordered to get back from the main trench and make his way to the casualty tents. Unfortunately, as he was on his way back there was a further exchange of rifle fire. To take cover, he threw himself onto the ground close to, and in the shelter of a railway embankment. But it just wasn’t his night. Although he was out of the direct line of fire, a stray bullet hit the railway line, ricocheted off and found an extremely soft landing in my grandad’s backside! And his troubles didn’t end there – the medical teams couldn’t find the bullet and consequently, when he got back to the UK the bullet was still somewhere inside him. Eight months later (seriously!) he complained of severe discomfort in the other buttock and on investigation, the doctors located the fore-mentioned missing bullet and proceeded to remove it! Hence the second scar.

Just to round off the story…………..
Shortly after the war he married my grandma, Annie Hanson, who was a Guiseley girl. They lived for some time in Guiseley in Union Street. By the time I came onto the scene he had moved to Moorland Crescent, Guiseley (No. 22, which just so happens to be the house in which I was born). Unfortunately my grandma had died at the tender age of 42, a year before I made an appearance, so I never actually knew her.

He worked at Busfield’s mill in Guiseley and in about 1949 was involved in an accident which left him permanently lame. Some years later he returned to Yeadon and lived with my parents, me and my two sisters in Marshall Street. Just for good measure he also brought his ex-soldier son with him – so in that not-very-big house there were four aduilts and three kids. I often wonder how we all managed! These days Social Services would have a field day! Anyway as first my uncle, and then me and eventually my sisters left the happy abode to get on with our lives, he continued to reside there until he died in 1972*.

* I think that was the year he died, but I couldn’t swear to it

Hope the above is of some interest.
The web site gets better and better, by the way. Well done to all concerned.

Ken Lee.

E W SLaden, F Blackwell, T Shannon 1914-1918

1418 – E Sladen, F Blackwell, T Shannon.

E W Sladen, Private Frank Blackwell & Gunner T Shannon

I am happy to say that there is no further information on these boys so it looks like they all made it back home after the war.

Additional Research

William Edward Watkinson Sladen. 9th Mar 1895 – 1974. Baptised in Guiseley. Service No: F32905 Aircraftsman 11 Royal Naval Air Service. His first engagement was with President 11 on 4th July 1917 and his last on Boxing Day 1919, the Daedalus, when he was discharged (invalided). He returned to Wharfedale to marry Jane in 1920 but died in Lancashire. One of his jobs had been a cinema manager.

Francis Blackwell. 24th Apr 1884 – 1979.

Thomas Shannon. 3rd June 1898 – 1949. Born in Yeadon and buried in Yeadon Cemetery Service No: Gunner 221586 Royal Field Artillery (also a Signaller). Records show he was discharged at the end of the war from the 77th Brigade having suffered from nephritis. He married Bridget Kearney in 1921.

Helen M.

27 August 2023

F Brown, J A Brown J H G Womersley

1418 – F Brown, J A Brown, J H G Womersley.

Private Fred Brown, Private J A Brown, Lieutenant J H G Womersley

I am happy to say that there is no further information on these boys so it looks like they all made it back home after the war.

Additional Research

John Herbert Greenwood Womersley. 1st Apr 1896 – 1962. Baptised Elland St. Mary, died in Sussex. Lieutenant Womersley (Royal Garrison Artillery and Royal Flying Corps) became well known for his exploits in World War I. His Military Cross citation reads, “For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in aerial flying. He brought down four enemy machines and forced others to land. He also carried out reconnaissance at a low altitude.” He served in World War II receiving a mention in despatches but also faced a Court Martial.

Helen M.

27 August 2023

E Buckle, H W NIce 1914-1918

1418 – E Buckle & H W Nice.

Private E Buckle & Lance Corporal H W NIce

There is no information on Pte. E Buckle, so lets hope that he was repatriated & survived the war to return home.

Our other boy was not so lucky:

Rank: Lance Corporal
Service No: G/1184
Date of Death: 02/12/1917
Regiment/Service: The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
6th Bn.
Awards: M M
Grave Reference V. C. 23.

H Huby, N Norris 1914-1918

1418 – H Huby & N Norris.

Private Harry Huby & Private Norman Norris

Our other boy was not so lucky:

Rank: Private
Service No: 267093
Date of Death: 20/11/1917
Age: 20
Regiment/Service: Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)
2nd/6th Bn.
Panel Reference Panel 6 and 7.
Additional Information:
Son of Philemon Land Huby and Mary Huby, of Ackworth Drive, Harrogate Rd., Yeadon, Leeds


There is no information on Private Norman Norris so lets hope that he was repatriated & survived the war to return home.

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Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 08 August 2022.
Last updated: 27 August 2023 – Additional Research: Sladen, Blackwell, Shannon, Womersley. 31 January 2023 – All images updated. 9 December 2022 – Photo ID: 1418 F Harrison & 1418 M Ideson additional text.

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