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Aireborough Boys, 1914 – 1918 (12)

WWI 1914-1918

SL038 – Yeadon, 1914 – 1918

Title Aireborough Boys
Date 1914 – 1918
Location Aireborough/Europe
Written By Carlo Harrison
Comment These newspaper cuttings are taken from a scrapbook donated to AHS. Additional detailed information is kindly supplied to us by Ken Roberts of Guiseley.
1418-Sands, Sands, Brightwell 1914-1918

1418 – W Sands, A Sands, J H Brightwell.

Private W Sands, Private A Sands, Private J H Brightwell

Pte. Willie Sands born 1896. No info found

Additional Research

Willie Sands. 5th Nov 1895 – 1966. Son of Isaac and Sarah Elizabeth Sands, born Lingdale. Service No: Private 41607 West Riding Regiment. He returned home and in 1922 married Mary Ann Stabler.

Helen M.

27 August 2023

STRANGE that I can find neither of the Sands brothers nor their parents in the 1911 census. They must have been somewhere.

Service No: 53160 SANDS, ARTHUR
Rank : Private
Date of Death: 04/06/1918
Age: 19
Regiment/Service: Lancashire Fusiliers
15th Bn.
Grave Reference VIII. M. 24.
Additional Information. Son of Isaac and Grace Ann Sands, of 2, Derby Rd., Rawdon, Leeds.

Rank: Private
Service No: 20026
Date of Death: 12/09/1917
Age: 38
Regiment/Service: King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
5th Bn.
Grave Reference P. III. E. 6A.
Additional Information:
Husband of Elizabeth Brightwell, of 9, Henshaw Lane, Yeadon, Leeds.

1418-Long, Houlden, Houlden 1914-1918

1418 – J Long, F W Houlden, L Houlden.

Signaller J Long, Private F W Houlden, Lance-Corpl L Houlden

Signaller J. Long No info at all.

Rank: Private
Service No: 13929
Date of Death: 27/08/1917
Age: 21
Regiment/Service :Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)
8th Bn.
Awards: M M
Grave Reference XI. A. 9.
Additional Information:
Son of Samuel and Sarah Ann Houlden, of Institute House, Back Lane, Rawdon, Leeds.

No trace of Private FW Houlden. Do not think he was a brother of Lewis.

Frederick William Houlden
Was the brother of Louis and son of Sarah and Samuel. He was a gardener, married to Mary and served with the Army Service Corps, Private M2/176963. Survived the war.

Additional research by Helen M.

7 December 2022

1418-Shaw, Waterhouse, Dodsworth 1914-1918

1418 – A Shaw, F Waterhouse, ? Dodsworth.

Private A Shaw, Private F Waterhouse, Private ? Dodsworth

Rank: Private
Service No: 31166
Date of Death: 16/09/1916
Regiment/Service: East Yorkshire Regiment 1st Bn.
Panel Reference: Pier and Face 2 C.
Place of birth, Horsforth.
Formally, 35263, West Yorkshire Regt.
This man has no known grave.

Cannot find Pte. F Waterhouse of Horsforth. Assume he lived.

Additional Research

Fred Waterhouse. 1898 – 1932. One of David and Elizabeth’s large family. Service No: Rifleman 2924 West Yorkshire Regiment (Leeds Rifles), and 305812. He was promoted to Lance Corporal, Corporal and Sergeant. Fred enlisted in November 1914 and in April 1915 left England for Boulogne. In addition to France, he served in Italy where he was jaundiced. He married Grace Middleton in 1920.

Helen M.

27 August 2023

Cannot find Pte. Dodsworth.
Hopeless without an initial at least.

Ernest Stanley Dodsworth
Rank: Private
Service number: 15028
Date of death: 15.09.1916 aged 23
Regiment/Service: 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards.
Cemetery: Thiepval Memorial
Additional Information: Son of Edith. Enlisted in 1909, Guiseley – West Riding Regiment., Private 1034. Discharged as emigrated to Canada in 1911. Entered France in October 1915 with the Guards.

Additional research by Helen M.

7 December 2022

1914-Mawson, Airton Proctor 1914-1918

1418 – G Mawson, G B Airton, H Proctor.

Private G Mawson, Sergeant G B Airton, Seaman H Proctor

Assume Pte. G. Mawson lived.

George Beecroft Airton
Birth Place: Yeadon, Yorks
Death Date: 1 Jul 1916
Death Location: France & Flanders
Enlistment Location: Bradford, Yorks
Rank: Sergeant
Regiment: Prince of Wales’s Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
Battalion: 16th Battalion
Number: 16/1343
Type of Casualty: Killed in action
Commemorated: Thiepval Memorial, Thiepval
Departement de la Somme
Picardie, France
Plot: Pier and Face 2 A 2 C and 2 D.
This man has no known grave.

Rank: Ordinary Seaman
Service No: J/59767 (Dev.)
Date of Death: 08/11/1916
Regiment/Service: Royal Navy
H.M.S. “Vivid.”
Grave Reference South-East. “B.” 813.

1418-Wilson, Ive 1914-1918

1418 – S Wilson, F H Ive.

Gunner S Wilson, Private F H Ive

Rank: Gunner
Service No: 100198
Date of Death: 08/11/1917
Age: 20
Regiment/Service: Royal Garrison Artillery 202nd Heavy Bty.
Grave Reference: F. 23.
Additional Information:
Son of Martha Wilson, of 7, Swaine Hill St., Yeadon, Yorks, and the late H. Wilson.

Private Fred Harvey Ive.
No military info.
He survived. Born 1882, died Sept, 1934.

Additional Research

Fred Harvey Ive. 1881 – 1934. Son of James and Delilah/Delia. Service No: Private 42041 Yorks and Lancs. Regiment. Fred suffered wounds to his shoulder, elbow and hand during the war and was discharged in May 1918. Before his death he was living with his wife Fanny in Thorpe Lane, Hawksworth.

Helen M.

27 August 2023

1418-Dale, Oddy 1914-1918

1418 – ? Dale, T Oddy.

Able-Seaman ? Dale, Able-Seaman T Oddy

Able Seaman Dale.
There are 3 A/s Dale’s in the CWGC register.
None have additional info regarding family.
It is difficult to search with just an initial, without an initial it is virtually impossible.
Probably Henry Dale born 1895.

Able Seaman T Oddy.
No military info. Presume he survived.
Probably Thomas William Oddy, born 1898

Thomas W. Oddy
If correct, Thomas (J58984) started his service on 13th September 1916 aboard the Pembroke 1 and his last service was on the Wallington, February 20th 1919.

Additional research by Helen M.

7 December 2022

1418-Wood, Wood, Samson 1914-1918

1418 – W Wood, C E Wood, A T Samson.

Private W Wood, Private C E Wood, Staff-Sergt A T Samson

Pte W Wood & Pte. C E Wood. Sorry, too many Wood & no first name.
Can get no further with these 2 men.

Additional Research

W. Wood and C.E. Wood, were brothers and the sons of Arthur and Phoebe.
Charles Edward Wood. 1887 – 1942, in Doncaster. Service No: Private 267042 and West Riding Regiment and 4919. Charles was a gardener when he enlisted (Nov. 1915) and lived at Dinsdale Buildings, Henshaw. He was in France by February 1917 but was soon back home after a right knee injury and was later deemed not physically fit for service. He married Mabel Harper in Rawdon in 1918.

William Wood. Baptised in Yeadon, 1883. Survived the war, possible death 1925. Service No: Private 363993 North Staffordshire Regiment, 439975 9th Field Butchery R.A.S.C. William married Mary Lumby (from the Woolpack) in 1908 prior to his 1915 enlistment and then received gunshot and shell wounds to his chest when in France. Having been a butcher in Yeadon he was well suited to his later transfer.

Helen M.

27 August 2023

Staff SGT. Alwyn Tregelles Sampson.
Born 1892. at Menston.
At 1911 census lived at North Lodge, Menston.
Was a clerk at Bradford Infirmary.
Died 1970, a survivor.

1418-Dibb, Dibb, Watson 1914-1918

1418 – F Dibb, J Dibb, R B Watson .

Lance-Cpl F Dibb, Private J Dibb, Private R B Watson

Rank: Corporal (Note, made up to full Corporal)
Service No: 36674
Date of Death: 23/07/1917
Age: 38
Regiment/Service: West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own) 15th Bn.
Grave Reference: I F. 14.
Additional Information:
Husband of Sarah Isobel Dibb, of 48, Salmon Crescent, Horsforth, Leeds.

Pte. Joseph Whitaker Dibb, brother to the above man.
Born 1895, Horsforth. Son of Robert & Mary Dibb.
Discharged from service 27/8/1918, Wounded.
Received Silver War Badge.

Rank: Private
Service No: 268587
Date of Death: 09/08/1917
Age: 23
Regiment/Service: Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)
1st/5th Bn.
Grave Reference: A. 22.
Additional Information:
Son of Siddall and Mary Watson. of 20, King St., Yeadon, Leeds.

1418-Kearns, Kearns, Exley 1914-1918

1418 – H Kearns, W Kearns, A C Exley.

Private H Kearns, Seaman W Kearns, Private A C Exley

Seaman William Kearns, brother of the above. Born Bradford, 1899.
Was at school in the 1911 census.
Nothing in CWGC register so assume he survived.

Pte AC Exley.
Possible traces in CWGC for A Exley, but not AC Exley.
Can find no other info.

Arthur C. Exley
Private 241249 and 4647 in the Seaforth Highlanders, also Labour Corps. Survived.

William John Kearns
J65042. Started naval career on Victory 1, January 4th 1917. Survived.

Hubert Kearns
Private 265802 West Riding Regiment (also 2863). Joined 26.09.1914 and discharged due to wounds in March 1919.

Additional research by Helen M.

7 December 2022

1418 – C Rigg, T E Rigg, A Exley.

Lieutenant C Rigg, Lance-Corpl T E Rigg, Lance-Corpl A Exley

Lieut. Clifford Rigg.
Possibly Sam Clifford Rigg born Rawdon 1885.
In 1911 census was living at Downham Market, Norfolk.
A sanitary inspector.
If this is the correct man he died in 1958.

L/Cpl. Thomas E Rigg, Brother of the above.
Born 1887 in Rawdon.
At 1911 census was a Farm Bailiff in Hawksworth.
Married to Carrie with 2 children.
A survivor.

L/Cpl. Alfred Exley, born Guiseley 1892.
At 1911 Census was living at 4, Barrett St. Guiseley.
He was a shawl weaver.
No military info.

Alfred Exley – see Aireborough Boys 1 page

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Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 11 August 2022.
Last updated: 27 August 2023 – Additiona Research: Sands, Waterhouse, Ive, Wood, Wood, Wood. S31 January 2023 – All images updated. 9 December 2022 – Photo ID: 1418 E S Dodsworth, 1418 F W Houlden, 1418 T W Oddy, 1418 AQ C Exley, 1418 H Kearns, all additional text.

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