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Yeadon Businesses

Air Supply 1996 – 2002

Air supply shop and van, business of Ken Cothliff on Yeadon High Street.

Albert Mill 1851 – 1971

Albert Mill was situated at the junction of Albert Square and the High Street. It was built in 1851 by Baldwin, Brown & Co for the manufacture of…

Altham’s Shop – 1913

This shop was situated at the junction of Marshall Street and the High Street, owner Abraham Altham. At the left edge an elderly lady is peering…

Bancroft House & Works

Bancroft House is at the top of Henshaw Lane, the Tarn public house is on the right edge. It was at some time the home of James Denison….

Banksfield Mill 1869 – 1999

Scott and Rhodes owned the dyeworks, most of the employees finished working there in December 1998, the factory closed in January 1999. A housing estate is now on the site (April 2013).

Ben Brown’s, Geengrocer – 1909

Ben Brown taking his fruit and vegetable cart round the area during the winter. The location is the bottom of Sun Street, unfortunately the image is faint.

Black Devil Security 1986 – 1990

Black Devil Security began at and was operated from Coney Park, Yeadon in 1986 offering a security service for Aireborough until 1990….

Brittain’s Sweet Shop

A new shop at 33B High Street. Brittain’s Sweets is the business of Tom and Linda Blears…

C & R Trading

Until 2003 this was the business of Richard and Christine Glendinning, prior to them having the shop they had a stall on Yeadon Market.

C J Soccer Centre

Official pitch run by Simon Armstrong & Ashley Roberts.


Situated at 3 Ivegate, Yeadon is a business owned by Darren Birch, originally from Otley he now lives in Guiseley…


A business called “Cash 4 Clothes” on the Upper High Street. Photographer Holly Mottram.


lant sales located at the corner of Henshaw Lane and Church Street, a former grocers and off-licence, Chana’s, it now stocks bedding plants, shrubs and planters.

Chiropody & Podiatry Centre – 2014

Yeadon Chiropody and Podiatry Centre, situated in the top part of the High Street, Yeadon. Now enlarged and extended into the unit next door (Nov 2021)

Couplands Bakers

A man, woman and child stand in the doorway of the bakers shop. The sign over the door reads “Late Rawnsley”, in 1908 Miss Sarah Rawnsley is listed as having a shop on the High Street. If this is…

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