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Guiseley Events

A Group of Men

This group of 11 men are believed to have worked for a firm in Guiseley, could it have been the foundry

Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum

Aireborough Festival was held in Guiseley Town Hall 9th – 21st February 2015.

Carnivals – c1900 – onwards (1)

Sepia image of Waites Carnival Float, a decorated horse and cart which won first prize…

Carnivals – c1900 – onwards (2)

Carnival parade on Otley Road which reaches back to Oxford Road, crowds are…

Carnivals – c1900 – onwards (3)

One of the first stalls at the carnival – a food wagon!

Charles Busfields Lockout – 1994

A group of workers outside the gates of the dyeworks. With no warning…


Members of Guiseley G.F.S Choir, with their choirmaster Mr W Brown, who had …

Christmas Lights, Markets & Fayres – 1938 onwards (1)

owngate and Otley Road are sparkling with lights on a dark winter’s night.

Claughton’s Strike – 1912

Workers from Claughton’s boot factory on Otley Road (it later became the Silver…

Clinic – 1963

On the left is Mrs G Garnett with baby Claire, next, being presented with a…

Coach Trips

A charabanc outside the Station Hotel, it has caught the attention of onlookers.

Coronations & Events (Guiseley) (1)

20th May 1910: Guiseley fire officers head the column of local organizations…

Coronations & Events (Guiseley) (2)

A street party to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, performing…

Coronations & Events (Guiseley) (3)

Memorial Gardens Guiseley. The cenotaph being made ready for Queen Elizabeth II…

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