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Apperley Lane

The building with shop premises is West View, it was built by a Mr Brayshaw for his…


The house was originally named Upperwood House and was nearer to Apperley Lane than the…

Asquith, Ian – 2014

Ada Loukes and Ian Asquith enjoying the Aireborough Historical Society annual dinner at Peasehill House.

Baldwin, Family – 1905

The Baldwin family lived at Springfield, the child in front of the mother is a boy, he was wearing a dress, a…

Baptist Chapel 1712 – 1972 (1)

It was a time when religious nonconformists were outlawed and risked breaking the law to hold services in the style the chose rather than follow the doctrine of the Church of England.

Baptist Chapel 1712 – 1972 (2)

A Sundial on the site of the 2nd Baptist Chapel on Micklefield Lane.

Baptist Chapel 1712 – 1972 (3)

Adults and Sunday School children on an outing.

Baptist Chapel 1712 – 1972 (4)

The Manse was built on Apperley Lane in 1712, the Baptist Chapel was at this time on Micklefield Lane.

Baptist Chapel Cricket Team

Men who played cricket for Rawdon Baptist Chapel.

Baptist Chapel Physical Improvement Society

Ten men forming a pyramid, they were members of a society whose aim was physical fitness through…

Batter Lane

Alice, Sarah and Doris with her hair in ringlets, outside number 3 Batter Lane….

Batty’s Cobblers Shop

This cobblers shop was located in the Little London area. Trevor King – It was Jack Batty’s shop…

Bayton Lane

Bayton Lane runs from Layton Road Rawdon/Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, taking you from Horsforth to the …

Beal, Walter & Tony – Undated

Fireman Walter Beal with his son Tony who is dressed as a fireman, he was the station mascot.

Benton Congregational Church, 1846 – 1972 (1)

The site for this church was part of the grounds of Benton Park, it was given by Robert Milligan whose family lived there, he himself lived at Acacia House. The building was…

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