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Rawdon Religious

Baptist Chapel 1712 – 1972 (1)

It was a time when religious nonconformists were outlawed and risked breaking the law to hold services in the style the chose rather than follow the doctrine of the Church of England.

Baptist Chapel 1712 – 1972 (2)

A Sundial on the site of the 2nd Baptist Chapel on Micklefield Lane.

Baptist Chapel 1712 – 1972 (3)

Adults and Sunday School children on an outing.

Baptist Chapel 1712 – 1972 (4)

The Manse was built on Apperley Lane in 1712, the Baptist Chapel was at this time on Micklefield Lane.

Benton Congregational Church, 1846 – 1972 (1)

The site for this church was part of the grounds of Benton Park, it was given by Robert Milligan whose family lived there, he himself lived at Acacia House. The building was…

Christian Science Church

This was the First Christian Science Church.

Friends (Quakers) Meeting House (1)

The Friends (Quaker) Meeting House and burial ground are located on Quaker Lane. In keeping with their religious…

Friends (Quakers) Meeting House (2)

The following six photographs showing the interior of the Meeting House….

Greenhill Wesleyan Methodist Church 1878 – 1966

This Chapel overlooked Leeds Road and was built in 1878, in 1891 an organ from Peterborough Cathedral was installed at a cost…

Low Mill Methodist Chapel

Located on Knott Lane and built in 1874, by William Grey, the then owner of Low Mill. The chapel…

Primitive Methodist Church 1866 – 1971

The Primitive Methodist Church was built in 1866 and until 1971, was located on the Harrogate Road, very near to the…


Outside the Baptist Church on Micklefield Lane, men and children who were Rechabites, the man on the left is Herman Firth.

St. Peter’s Church (1)

This is a drawing of the church as it would have looked in the 17th Century…

St. Peter’s Church (2)

…Although undated, this view is how I remember it during the early 1950s. (Editor. J Brayshaw)…

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