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Rawdon Landmarks

Aerial Views

Apperley Lane runs from top to bottom of the image, just right of centre. The Little London area is to the left…

Aireborough Fire Brigades & Joint Service (1)

Nine uniformed members of Guiseley Fire Brigade with a horse drawn fire engine….

Aireborough Fire Brigades & Joint Service (2)

This was an Austin towing vehicle to be used by the Fire Service : note the bell mounted on the roof. It is uncertain…

Apperley Bridge Station

Staff at Apperley Bridge Station assembled for this early photograph. The lady in the middle of the group…

Apperley Lane

The building with shop premises is West View, it was built by a Mr Brayshaw for his…


The house was originally named Upperwood House and was nearer to Apperley Lane than the…

Batter Lane

Alice, Sarah and Doris with her hair in ringlets, outside number 3 Batter Lane….

Batty’s Cobblers Shop

This cobblers shop was located in the Little London area. Trevor King – It was Jack Batty’s shop…

Bayton Lane

Bayton Lane runs from Layton Road Rawdon/Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, taking you from Horsforth to the …

Billing Dam

Billing Dam with long distance views in the background.

Billing Wood – (1)

Rawdon Billing is an Aireborough landmark and a wooded hill surrounded by fields which lies…

Billing Wood – (2)

A view of the Billing from the bottom of the track leading to the old small…

Boothy Fields

Boothy Fields in the Little London area.

Bottoms Farm

The farmhouse was situated between Plane Tree (Bayton Lane) and Rawdon, Billing Wood….

Buckstone Drive

This entrance to Buckstone Drive, just off Micklefield Lane, it now…

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